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Just a bunch of non professional gamers, creating content for all your gaming entertainment needs.

Here to share loads of laughter and joy to the world, because we can all use a ton of laughter in our daily lives.

  • We cover content for a large spectrum of games to name a few , Dota 2 , World of Warcraft , Ark Survival , Phasmophobia, Heroes of the Storm and many more. 
  • Game reviews, articles on the latest gaming news and equipment.
  • Hosting Game Servers
  • Live Monthly Q&A 
  • Collaborations
  • Esports Casting 
  • Hosting Esports Tournaments
  • Podcasts with local and international creators

So join us on this adventure of laughter and fun

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Our four core values at GhettoSmurf Gaming

People are spending more time online in our day and age , thus we wanted to create a getaway away from all the negativity that is constantly thrown our way.

A little safe haven where Laughter, Joy, Fun and Unity is all you find on the platform. Fundamentals we all need in life, A small escape, a community and family that loves gaming and all things gaming related.

The one stop portal to all things gaming.

Our Esports Competitions 

Every year we host several Esports competitions, our aim for these competition are to uplift the Esports community in South Africa. South African Esports have gained a huge amount of traction over the past years, with many talented players and teams that deserve the spotlight, we aim to give them that opportunity.

Our primary focus is hosting Esports competitions in Dota 2 , due to the vast competitive community in South African Dota. We look to venture into newer and multiple online competitive games. 

In an effort to bring you only the best, compelling and engaging content, we engage with teams, players, and its fans as a whole to constantly allow for growth and unity in the Esports community.

If you have any questions on how to get involved in our Esports completions or would like to collaborate with Ghettosmurf Gaming in our Esports scene, please feel free to contact us. 

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