Best video editing suits for beginner content creators

A look at our opinion on the best video editing suits for beginner content creators, focusing on open broadcast software and Filmora.

Open Broadcast Software - OBS

OBS or Open Broadcast Software is an open-source software tool that works for free on Linux, Mac Platforms and Windows. You just need to  install it on your device and start recording your epic and most interesting game plays moments for easy sharing.

OBS is very popular with not only beginners but professionals too due to its wide range of features like a wide variety of colour adjustments, image masking chroma keying, easily accessed on any gaming device, making sections for themes to allow for more creative and interesting recorded videos and a number of options available for light and dark themes.

 You can also enjoy the  streaming services OBS offers to, twitch, Facebook, etc. One of the best parts is that it does not add any watermark to your content you record or crate.

In conclusion OBS demands minimal effort, while offering high-quality results.

Filmora Wondershare

Wondershare is a well established name in with the release of its Filmora Video editing software. This application offers the standard trimming, transitions, overlays, and effects you expect in this kind of software.

Filmora is an eye-soothing interface and offers a lots of amazing effects, filters, text tools, along video cutting/ editing and good output options.

 Its single-purpose tools are less useful than the full editor mode, but rendering speed is not at all shabby. Users who want to learn some basic cutting and editing will should be  just fine with Filmora, it is user friendly and have may tutorials to help one if at any point they feel stuck. The software is very reasonably priced.

Great features:

– easy to use and start

– Drag and drop interface

– No limit to screen recording time

– Powerful editing features

– numerous effects and elements collection

– Record voice-over , pc screen , web-cam


Filmora offers a free trial download, however is limited to certain aspects as well as adds a watermark on your projects you try to export.

Filmora offers a subscription model in which is very reasonable

Paying for whichever subscription Filmora license allows, you to removes watermarks, you to access a bunch more effects to use in your projects, and adds 24/7 technical support. New effect collections are also added every month for paying customers. 

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