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Join Our weekly Live streams, where you get to be part of the action and interact with our team. We love being able to interact with you all so be sure to follow us on Twitch Tv. We look forward to you joining our community and family at GhettoSmurf Gaming.

Streaming Dates and Times

Wednesday nights

8:30 pm

Our Wednesday night Twitch streams are for Heroes of the storm where sweat it out in storm league and attempt to move up the rank ladder. Can we make it to the top ranks in storm league or will we be stuck in the bronze division ? You’ll need to hop on stream and find out.

Thursday nights

8:30 pm

Thursday night Twitch streams are our causal streams where we will be streaming all sorts of games for Horror games like Phasmophobia , Devour or go raiding bases in ARK survival evolved. 

We Create Content On

We cover content for a large spectrum of games such as, Dota 2 , World of Warcraft , Ark Survival , Phasmophobia, Heroes of the Storm and new releases. 


Ghettosmurf Twitch TV

Running away from Anna , melting demon spawnlings with a UV flashlight or just picking up roses in a haunted house. Our Devour Streams will be tons of fun with loads of laughs and yes more jump scares. Be sure to catch these streams as they are always a blast.

Dota 2

Top 10 Most Toxic Games

Everyone loves a great and exciting Dota 2 game. We will be focusing on Ranked gameplay with our Dota 2 streams, So come through support and cheer us on as we attempt to get out of the low mmr brackets. Casual Gameplay with friends will also be streamed.



This is for all the Horror gameplay loves as well as fans of jump scares. Our Phasmophobia streams will just be fun gameplay where you get to join in on all the laughs and crazy moments that being a ghost buster brings.


GhettoSmurf Gaming

Valheim Streams will be simple build a wicked cool Viking town , beat up little goblins that try to stop us and sail the seas with huge sea monsters beneath us. Our Valheim streams will be causal , fun and quest driven gameplay for everyone to follow and enjoy.

World Of Warcraft

Ghettosmurf Twitch TV

Returning back to World of Warcraft after a break will bring tons of content for you to enjoy. From questing the main and side quests, mount farming , gearing up for Mythic + , dungeons , raids and all the vast content that WOW brings and we all love.

Heroes of the Storm

heroes of the storm coming to steam

All round games , quick match , unranked and just having fun. However the main focus with the content on Heroes of the storm will be Ranked gameplay. Watch us sweat it out as we enter bronze and attempt to rank up and get back to the high ranks in storm league.

Ark Survival Evolved

GhettoSmurf Gaming

We will stream many server events that will take place on the GSG ARK Servers. As well as the PVP Raids , Base defenses , breeding guides , taming guides and all round useful tips and ticks that we have learnt through many hours in Ark survival evolved.

Retro / Old School Games

Dota 2 updates

These streams we take it back , way back , back into time. From games like Age of empires 2 , Warcraft 3 ,and even simulator games like Pokémon Gold. These streams will be fun and allow us to see how far the gaming industry has come over the past couple of years.

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