Please read through the rules for the tournament hosted by CGL SA and GhettoSmurf Gaming.

Format Breakdown

  • Match format: Best of One (Bo1 in the initial group stages) /Best of Three from the elimination stages (BO3 – Whichever team wins 2 matches first wins)
  • Game mode: Captains Mode
  • Average Match Length: 1 – 3 hours
  • Fielded participants: 5vs5
  • Players per team: 5
  • Reserves per team: Recommended 1 to 3

Game Rules/Lobby Settings

  General Lobby Settings
⦁ Game Mode: Captains Mode
⦁ Server: RSA Servers
⦁ Lobby Visibility: Public
⦁ Enable Cheats: No

Advanced Lobby Settings
Mode: Competitive
⦁ Selection Priority: See Side Selection for more information
⦁ Starting Team: See Side Selection for more information
⦁ Penalty – Radiant: No Penalty
⦁ Penalty – Dire: No Penalty
⦁ League: None (unless otherwise stated by a tournament administrator)

Gameplay Rules

⦁ Spectators: Enabled
⦁ Dota TV Delay: Auto set to 6 min
⦁ Pausing: Unlimited
⦁ Series Type: Best of 1 ( Group Stages) / Best of 3 ( Knockout Stages)
⦁ Previous Match ID: None
⦁ Bot Settings
⦁ Fill Empty Slots With Bots: No


⦁ All scheduling will be done on the tournaments page of

⦁ Teams will be informed that all games will be streamed with the relevant details for the stream.

⦁ Rescheduling of matches will be handled separately and under the Tournament Admins’ discretion.

Side Selection

⦁ Team captains will perform a coin toss in the game lobby for game number

1. Selection priority will change for game number

2. If a series goes to 3 games, then a coin toss will be needed again for selection priority.

⦁ BO3 side selection
⦁ Map1 – The winner of the coin toss in the game lobby, can pick between 2 options, first (1st) pick/ second (2nd) pick or Radiant/Dire. The loser of the coin toss picks between the options left over. (If the winner of the coin toss picks starting side, then the loser can pick between first (1st) pick/ second (2nd) pick)
⦁ Map2 – The side selection priority swaps from game number 1. The loser of the initial coin toss in game number 1 can pick between 2 options, first (1st) pick/ second (2nd) pick or Radiant/Dire. The winner of the coin toss in game number 1 picks the remaining options.
⦁  Map3 – If map 3 is needed:

⦁ Team captains in the game lobby must elect which of them calls for heads and tails for the new coin toss.

⦁ Team captain who is not calling heads or tails must type the /flip command in the chat.

⦁ The winner of the coin toss in the game lobby can pick between 2 options, first (1st) pick/ second (2nd) pick or Radiant/Dire. The loser of the coin toss picks between the options left over. (If the winner of the coin toss picks starting side, then the loser can pick between first (1st) pick/ second (2nd) pick)

Failure to appear / No Shows

⦁ Teams have 15 minutes after the scheduled time to show for their matchup (Match time + 15 minutes)

⦁ If a player/team did show up in time but needs to leave the lobby to sort out a technical issue, this DOES NOT count as a no-show. Do not abuse this.

⦁ Timeouts/connection issues and pauses

⦁ Time-outs are not used for a player disconnecting due to connection issues such as internet drops.

⦁ The player needs to announce a pause at least 5 seconds in advance stating a reasonable justification (except for disconnects).

⦁ The duration of pauses/time-outs are accumulated to five minutes only unless otherwise stated by an admin, and allows enough time for the player to rejoin the server.

⦁ Teams will be allowed one time-out or pause per match. This is to be used in emergencies only (such as a hardware issue).

⦁ Teams who fake an emergency in order to obtain a time-out will forfeit the match.


⦁ Spectators inside the match lobby are STRICTLY forbidden. This includes coaches, managers, casters) Only the official SA Major casters will be allowed into the lobby, however, the casted matches will be cast via Twitch TV with a 6 min delay.

Twitch and streaming

⦁ Please note no games are allowed to be cast or streamed by any team or Twitch Streamers.
⦁ SA Esports Major has dedicated Casters and all games will be cast on  
⦁ SA Esports Major has a dedicated team that will be verifying and checking if any games are streamed without the consent of The SA Esports Major. 

⦁ Please note if any streamer is caught streaming/casting games without our consent the team found guilty will immediately be disqualified from the tournament.

Victory parameters:
⦁ An Ancient Fortress is destroyed
⦁ The majority of the team leaves on purpose
⦁ A team from the match forfeits
⦁ Only type “gg” once the ancient is destroyed.

⦁ Screenshots of each match must be sent to the admins despite every match being live cast and players/admins can input the scores for that match that was played.

⦁ If no player from both teams doesn’t upload screenshots of the matches played, the match will be forfeited and the winner will be given to the higher seeded team. (Must be a screenshot from at least one team for the matches)

⦁ Captains can report their team’s score

This tournament is only open for players in these regions: South Africa
⦁ Specific tournament rules set to follow.

⦁ 64 teams for qualifiers. BO1 group stages, BO3 Knock out elimination. 

⦁ We will have a sub rule set to cover load shedding in SA.

Please join the discord ( ) and follow the instructions in the #tournament information channel.

⦁ Discord will be one of the main forms of communication between the Admins and the teams/players.

⦁ The Dota2 tournament players will need to head to the discord server and must be in the waiting room channel, where an admin will move the teams to their set and designated channel for the game.

⦁ The main event will run from the xxx of (Month) till the xxx of (Month).
⦁ The main event is all BO3 matches, except the Grand Final which is BO5 (No advantage).
The Main Event will take place over a weekend, with all matches being streamed.

Link to the bracket for the Main Event ->
On the bracket page, you are able to click on your match in the bracket.

Rules Ghettosmurf

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