Regan Giovanni Cati

GhettoSmurf Gaming


Ghettosmurf grew up in Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa. With being Italian came a great sense of love and family which today still show in whatever he does. Growing up he always loved games , whether it be climbing trees , hide and seek, lego or playing Pac-man at the local cafe. Creativity was always a big part of life for Regan even as a youngster.

Once finishing school Regan went to study a degree in Information Management, in which combined business and IT, however upon completing his degree instead of following the safe route, he followed one of his biggest passions Dancing. Creating a dance company Spectre Studios.

During Covid -19 pandemic of 2020 the idea of starting a gaming platform and community came upon Regan.

Noticing how devoted people were to gaming and the amazing communities, bonds and friendships formed around it. “ I have met so many amazing people through gaming and we are still friends to this day , yet I have not met them in person” says Regan.

He wanted to bring that sense of unity and joy to light, as it is often overlooked. He took his in game name GhettoSmurf and created a platform around it. Creating Content to allow for creativity and also share core values that he learned through gaming all his life. JOY , FUN ,Laughter and Unity.

Creativity is vitally important to Regan , he has always based his life and choices based on it and GhettoSmurf Gaming is exactly that, Creativity along with the core values that the platform was built on.

You are only limited by your creativity and mindset.   

Why GhettoSmurf?

“I got the name from my friends actually.” During high school he was part of the schools rugby team, but unfortunately was injured right before the finals and could not participate in the finals as a player. Thus he painted himself blue and dressed up as a Smurf in support of his teammates.

Days later he friends made a parody song about him titled “ GhettoSmurf ”, he then decided to own it and turned it into his gaming name and stuck with it through all the years of gaming.

Ghettosmurf also does many of the reviews for Ghettosmurf Gaming , he does game reviews where he will test the game out and give you an honest and unbias opinion on the game with its pros , cons and whether it is worth your while playing. 

he too does product reviews for the company , by personally purchasing an item on the market and testing it out for a duration of time and then giving us a review on the product to inform you if it is a worth while buy or not. 

Gaming industry news , he is on top of that always researching the latest news and happening in the gaming / tech industry to give you information before or as it happens. 

read his reviews and let us know what you think in the comment section.


Ghettosmurf is also our main streamer and content creator on the GhettoSmurf Gaming Twitch TV channel. 

Streaming all his favourite games and hosting podcasts interviewing people involved in the gaming industry like game developers , cosplayers and other streamers.

He is also the resident caster for the CGL SA Dota 2 Esports leagues. So you often see him streaming Dota 2 games as a caster hyping the audience and giving feedback on the matches and competition as a whole.

You can catch him streaming a lot of ARK survival , Heroes of the storm , world of Warcraft , Dota 2 and many more other games.  

be sure to check out the stream and be apart of the growing community.

You can also follow him on social media