Cloud Gaming, Good or bad? Is it the next big thing?

Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming that is streamed directly to its users choice of supported device, playing the game remotely from “the cloud”.

What is Cloud Gaming ?

Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming that is streamed directly to its users choice of supported device, playing the game remotely from “the cloud”. These games are all run on remote severs by the service provider.  This method is is completely different compared to traditional means of gaming, where the game runs locally on the users personal computer, video game console or mobile device.

Advantages of cloud gaming.

The could gaming approach provides several advantages over traditional gaming such as:

The game is accessible on demand without users needing to install or download the game and we all know that most games today require a lot of hard-drive space and could take quite awhile to download dependent on your internet speed.

You can access your games on multiple platforms

No game updates, when you select a game to play on a cloud gaming service provide like Vortex ,  you can expect the game to be available with its most current version and updates and be ready to play.

If you get a new PC , laptop you don’t need to re install all your games instead you can instantly start playing all your games.

Cloud gaming and its service providers like Vortex use hardware in remote servers , meaning that your games resolution and experience is not based on your devices hardware specs. You will gain the same experience whether you are playing on your phone ,Television or PC.

Play from anywhere, for example you are busy playing from your laptop at home and then need to leave the house and catch a train or bus. You can continue from where you left off using your phone /tablet ect.. you do not lose progress when switching devices.

There are some reasons some gamers might want to choose this ever evolving and convenient service.

Disadvantages of cloud gaming

drawback to cloud gaming and cloud gaming services is the concept of game ownership. Due to people want to physically own the game the idea of cloud gaming and not having ownership of the game might just drive them away.

Losing access to your cloud gaming accounts means you lose access top all your games due to it being streamed and not actually owning the games you purchased.

Depending on the service or subscription you select with these cloud gaming service companies, you wont have access to all the games. For example is you subscribe to a basic package you will only have access to a certain amount of games whereas if you purchase a premium subscription you’ll have access to all the games.

No internet no gaming.

Slow internet can make for a very unpleasant gaming experience, unfortunately you are at the mercy of your internet provider. If you internet speed is slow on a certain day being the day you decide to play, you will see decrease in your image quality and latency, as cloud gaming is dependent on your download speed.  

Data caps can play a role in your experience with cloud gaming.


In conclusion, I feel cloud gaming is a really awesome and convenient idea and with its ever expanding industry its only a matter of time before the cons will wither away.

There are many big time players in the cloud gaming industry that are taking the lead in cloud gaming and we will be keeping a close eye on them. Vortex , Google Stadia, Shadow, Project Cloudx, Geforce Now.

So let us know in the comments section below if you think Cloud Gaming is the next big thing for the gaming industry that will continue to grow, or will it phase out and everyone will still stick to the conventional way of gaming.

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