Devour Game Review. Is it Worth playing?

Is Devour worth playing. Devour is a co-op survival horror game, that has you and your friends attempt to stop Anna Puerta a possessed cult leader. Anna was possessed by a demon called Azazel.


Devour is a co-op survival horror game, that has you and your friends attempt to stop Anna Puerta a possessed cult leader. Anna was possessed by a demon called Azazel , after thinking she could summon the demon and control it however it all went horribly wrong. It is up to you and or friends to break the spell.

Devour is an online game best played with friends, you can have a maximum of four people in game. If you truly are crazy, you can attempt to play it alone on single player. You and or your friends select their character and robe up to face Anna.

The controls are very simple, which is nice as all common sense seems to disappear when you are being chased by Anna or hear her screaming ready to look for her next victim.

The aim is to spread through the house and outside area picking up keys and unlocking locked rooms. You then have to find the goats and throw them into the alter and burn them to try break the spell. You need to sacrifice ten goats in order to do so. Don’t be fooled by the number ten, ten goats seems quite easy, but trust me the more goats you sacrifice the hard it get and the more you end up running and screaming in panic away from Anna.

You are equipped with a Touch that also has a UV light feature to it that is there to burn the spawn-lings (Demons) that spawn across the map, as well as to sometimes knock back Anna for a few seconds to try get away from her. (Side Note Don’t stand there thinking it will stun her for the full duration of your UV light life span, SHE WILL GET YOU!).

Nice extra features:

Along the way through your adventure you will discover dairy entries of Anna , giving you information and back story to on what really went wrong. Some entries are useful tips if you can read between the lines of the entry.


While the game is a lot of fun and a good laugh the one thing I think could be better is instead of seeing Anna wondering aimlessly around the house all the time. It would be awesome if she disappeared from time to time so when you do lose track of her it just heightens that sense of scare and panic in the party. However don’t get me wrong the game is still a good scare and made me jump out of my seat on many occasions and probably still will continue too.

Overall Conclusion:

Devour is a really fun game, that brings both the scare factor that makes you almost soil your pants as well as brings laughter to the game. It is a simple concept but is truly enjoyable especially with friends. Another Bargain about the game is the price tag, the game is really cheap and is a quick download so you don’t have to break bank just to have a good laugh and time with your friends.

For all this we give the Devour a Big Golden Thumbs up.

Watch GhettoSmurf Gaming Play Devour

If you’d like to See us at GhettoSmurf Gaming attempting our first try at Devour.

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