DOTA 2 WEEKLY RECAP: 18th December/ The long-awaited Patch 7.35/ Frostivus/ An Amazing Triumph As AZURE RAY Become your ESL One Kuala Lumpur GRAND CHAMPIONS.

7.35 patch brings a cascade of excitement to Dota 2. .AZURE RAY are your Dota 2 ESL One Kuala Lumpur GRAND CHAMPIONS
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DOTA 2 WEEKLY RECAP : December 18th 2023 Patch 7.35

In the ever-evolving world of Dota 2, the unveiling of the 7.35 patch brings a cascade of excitement. With new items, captivating cosmetics, and the festive arrival of Frostivus, players are gearing up for a transformed gaming experience. But that’s not all – a comprehensive Dota 2 update on December 18 promises a variety of bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more refined gameplay environment.

Yet, amidst the thrill of updates and improvements, Valve takes a unique approach to discipline. Dive into the amusing world of Dota 2 bans as Valve infuses humor into player restrictions in a way that’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of the gaming community.

While the virtual battlefield undergoes these transformative changes, ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 emerges as a focal point of Dota 2 excellence. Azure Ray’s triumph in this Intel®-powered showdown adds a glorious chapter to ESL’s legacy in Dota 2 events. Join us as we unravel the tales of Frostivus festivities, bug-squashing endeavors, banhammer humor, and the epic clashes that defined ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023.

DOTA 2 7.35 Unleashes a Winter Wonderland of Changes

Dota 2 Frostivus Patch 7.35

The long-awaited Dota 2 7.35 patch has descended upon the gaming community like a snowstorm, transforming the landscape of the game in ways many did not anticipate. What was initially expected to be a Frostivus celebration, marked by the usual influx of cosmetics, has turned into a colossal game-altering update, introducing new items, overhauling existing ones, and tweaking heroes to reshape the very essence of gameplay.

At the heart of the upheaval are the addition of three new normal items and the revival of Ring of Tarrasque, accompanied by a myriad of new and returning neutral items. The Tiara of Selemene grants mana regeneration, Khanda unleashes right-click crits, Spell Empower introduces a spell crit mechanic, and Parasma inflicts a magic resist debuff and dishes out damage over time in the style of Witch Blade.

Major reworks have touched iconic items like Arcane Boots and Bloodthorn, ushering in alterations that redefine their utility. The absence of the longstanding Medallion of Courage, one of the game’s oldest items, is a surprising departure that raises eyebrows and sparks curiosity.

The hero landscape has undergone a thorough reshaping, with almost every hero in Dota 2 experiencing changes. From the rework of abilities like Gyrocopter’s ult and Omniknight’s ult to adjustments in values that buff underused heroes and temper the dominance of top picks, the 7.35 patch has ushered in a new era of strategic exploration. As the Dota 2 community grapples with these extensive modifications, professional tournaments offer an arena for understanding and adapting to the evolving dynamics.

Beyond the fundamental alterations to Dota’s core, the patch invites players into the enchanting Frostivus celebration. Alongside the festive ambiance, a cascade of new cosmetics awaits, including a jolly Wraith King donned as Santa Claus. As a delightful bonus, players with high behavior scores receive presents, a heartwarming reminder that kindness in Dota can bring unexpected rewards.

The 7.35 update has not just brought winter to the Dota 2 universe; it’s a blizzard of changes that promise to redefine strategies, shake up metas, and leave players eagerly exploring the depths of its transformative impact.


Dota 2 Update on December 18th: A Blizzard of BUG FIXES

frostivus dota 2

As the Frostivus festivities captivate the Dota 2 community, Valve surprises players with a mid-winter update on December 18, delivering an avalanche of bug fixes aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience.

While the Frostivus update has already woven magic into Dota 2, Valve persists in its commitment to refining the game’s quality. The latest patch, a testament to this dedication, introduces 37 bug fixes, touching upon various facets of the gameplay. From heroes to items and beyond, these fixes promise to iron out wrinkles and contribute to the smoother functioning of the Dota 2 universe.

Here’s the full list of bug fixes in the Dota 2 December 18 patch:

  • Fixed Bloodstone Area of Effect bonus still active on passive abilities if it was dropped or sold
  • Fixed Bloodthorn mana regen being 3.0 instead of 3.5 from the sum of its components
  • Fixed Butterfly not counting hero’s base attack speed for its bonuses
  • Fixed Cleave not working on magical attacks (i.e. Revenant’s Brooch)
  • Fixed a rare server crash when toggling Doubloon
  • Fixed Khanda not doing lethal damage correctly
  • Fixed Khanda and Phylactery not sharing cooldowns
  • Fixed Tree Throw, Toss, Snowball, Soul Assumption and Sticky Bomb not triggering Phylactery/Khanda
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between Phylactery/Khanda and and Spectre’s Spectral Dagger
  • Fixed Phylactery/Khanda working on illusions
  • Fixed Meteor Hammer incorrectly giving more Agility than Intelligence
  • Fixed Parasma not granting 1.5 mana regen from its components
  • Fixed Revenant’s Brooch incorrectly giving true strike
  • Fixed a server crash caused by interaction between Abaddon’s Apothic Shield expiring, Safety Bubble, and Blade Mail
  • Fixed Arc Warden’s Tempest Double not cloning Royal Jelly
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker’s Starbreaker sometimes not going in the targeted direction
  • Fixed non-ranged units getting true strike benefits of Drow Ranger’s Glacier
  • Fixed some cases where Drow Ranger could get stuck trying to leave her Glacier
  • Fixed Chen’s Penitence granting bonus attack range to Chen’s melee creeps
  • Fixed Chen’s Divine Favor regeneration not applying to Chen’s creeps
  • Fixed Chen’s level 10 talent Divine Favor Teleport Delay not applying correctly
  • Fixed Invoker not being able to pick up Lotuses from the Lotus Pools
  • Fixed Juggernaut’s Blade Fury attack rate not updating if Juggernaut’s attack speed changes.
  • Fixed Juggernaut’s Omnislash/Swiftslash not damaging ethereal units even with Revenant’s Brooch
  • Fixed Juggernaut’s Blade Fury incorrect interaction with Harpoon
  • Fixed Lich’s Chain Frost not being affected by AoE increase
  • Fixed items in the Bear’s stash becoming lost when Lone Druid upgrades the Bear
  • Fixed Omniknight’s Guardian Angel charges not updating properly upon acquiring and dropping Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Fixed Pangolier’s Shield Crash damage type not being correctly changed to Physical damage
  • Fixed a rare serve crash with Pudge’s Dismember
  • Fixed Silencer’s Last Word dealing less damage to creeps than intended
  • Fixed Black Dragon’s Splash Attack not working correctly
  • Fixed a few server crashes
  • Fixed various tooltip issues
  • Re-added Hero Names as an option for heroes on the minimap
  • Fixed minimap settings preview not scaling the arrow when scaling the icon
  • Fixed a bug where previewing Persona items would sometimes show them on the base model (or vice versa) in Armory / Loadout

Valve’s Hilarious Bans on Dota 2 Smurfs Continues in Frostivus Bloodbath

Dota 2 Patch 7.35

In the ongoing saga of Valve’s battle against Dota 2 smurf accounts, the latest Frostivus update has introduced a comical twist to the enforcement of justice. Described by Valve as a “bloodbath,” the company is sending surprise gifts to Dota 2 smurf accounts, concealing within them a deceptively innocent “seasonal reward”—a lump of coal that triggers an unwelcome permanent ban. Even professional players like Mason “mason” Venne fell victim to this unexpected consequence, leading to a ban on his account after opening the seemingly festive gift.

The banhammer, previously swung in September to permanently bar 90,000 smurf accounts, has now descended with even more force. Valve’s commitment to maintaining fair play within the Dota 2 community is evident in the aggressive ban waves targeting smurf accounts. The company’s firm stance extends to professional players as well, as conversations with pros have affirmed a consensus that banning pro smurf accounts contributes to a healthier Dota community.

The Frostivus update not only brings joyous celebrations but also serves as a reminder that Valve is vigilant in monitoring player behavior. Whether it’s smurfing, disruptive gameplay, or employing behavior score farmers to manipulate scores, Valve is cracking down on all fronts. Punishments, including behavior score penalties and main account banning’s, await those who engage in questionable activities.

Valve’s message is clear: Frostivus brings happiness to all, except for smurf accounts, who are in for a frosty surprise as they taste their richly-deserved coal-flavored just desserts. As the Dota 2 community revels in the festive spirit, Valve’s commitment to fair

play ensures that the new year begins with matches that are as enjoyable and fair as possible. Happy Frostivus to all, except for those on the naughty list!

ESL One Kuala Lumpor 2023: A Spectacular Showdown

As the curtains close on ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 powered by Intel®, Dota 2 fans around the world witnessed an epic clash of titans culminating in Azure Ray’s triumphant victory. The electrifying atmosphere at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) set the stage for an adrenaline-packed weekend of high-level Dota 2, with over 18,000 passionate fans in attendance.

Azure Ray’s journey to glory involved outmaneuvering 11 formidable teams, including the fierce Gaimin Gladiators, in a grand finals showdown that saw Azure Ray stage an incredible 3:2 reverse sweep. Their exceptional team chemistry, strategic teamwork, and seasoned experience earned them the coveted crown and the lion’s share of the impressive $1,000,000 (RM4,700,000) prize pool, with $300,000 (RM1,410,000) in their hands.

The intense competition also bestowed valuable ESL Pro Tour (EPT) points, with Azure Ray accumulating 4,800 points out of 19,980 available. These points contribute to determining direct invites for the teams to the prestigious showdown competition, DreamLeague Season 22.

For their valiant efforts, Gaimin Gladiators secured the runner-up position, claiming $175,000 (RM822,500) and 3,600 EPT points. Team Liquid secured the third spot, earning $120,000 (RM564,000) and 3,000 EPT points.

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 achieved remarkable success, attracting a peak viewership of over 335,000 concurrent viewers and accumulating over 8 million hours watched during the six days of intense competition. The event marked Dota 2’s return to ESL One with a $1,000,000 prize pool since 2018, showcasing the enduring popularity of ESL events in the Dota 2 community.

The journey to this triumph began with ESL’s restructured event schedule, focusing on two ESL One events in 2022 and continuing the momentum into 2023 with the Berlin Major and the recently concluded ESL One Kuala Lumpur. Despite a slight dip in viewership compared to ESL One Malaysia 2022, the event’s strong performance solidifies ESL’s dominant presence in the Dota 2 esports scene.

While ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 may not have surpassed last year’s viewership, it emerged as the fourth most popular ESL One Dota 2 tournament ever, highlighting the continued strength of ESL’s events. As the Dota 2 community looks forward to future ESL tournaments, the ESL Pro Circuit remains a stalwart force, maintaining its stability and dominance in the esports market.


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