Elon Musk Streams Diablo 4 On X. With Roughly 1 million concurrent viewers this is Amazing!

Elon Musk, the founder of X (formerly Twitter), tested the platform's video streaming capabilities this weekend by playing Diablo 4 on it.
Elon Musk Diablo 4

Elon Musk Streams Diablo 4 On X

Elon Musk, the founder of X (formerly Twitter), tested the platform’s video streaming capabilities this weekend by playing Diablo 4 on it.

Musk demonstrated his level 100 Druid and went through a Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon during a 47-minute live, all in the spirit of demonstrating the X’s video streaming capabilities. This is the third of three tests in which Musk grinds out some riches in Sanctuary.

EMILY 80 The Unsung Hero

Musk utilised his character ‘IWillNvrDie’ when conquering the Nightmare Dungeon with another random player named ‘Emily’.

Imagine only finding out days later that you were doing a nightmare dungeon with Elon Musk.

Although Emily just Kept dying to literally everything and having Elon resurrecting him/her, it was a treat to watch and laugh at as we have all been carried through content at some point in our gaming life.

test video streaming capabilities on X

The series throws us into the complicated Mishima family saga, which spans generations of feuds, betrayals, and power struggles. Don’t worry if you’re new to the Tekken universe; the anime does an excellent job of catching you up. Seasoned gamers, on the other hand, will bask in the nostalgia as the stories of their favorite characters are revealed.

The Largest Diablo 4 Content Creator In The World

During this live stream, he had roughly 1 million concurrent viewers, which is more than the entire twitch peak of live streams, including the situation when they had twitch drop promos, so even at its highest, Elon’s D4 live stream had more concurrent viewers than all of them. -blowing and engaging technique adds a new and exciting twist to the action-packed sequences, keeping us on the edge of our seats. 

Elon's Main Recreational Activity Is Gaming

Elon Musk mentioned in stream that playing video games is his main recreational activity along side spending quality time with his kids and sometimes both come together. 
Playing Mass Effect 3 with his older kids, the Co-op Multiplayer ” is really quite a fun” Elon stated. One thing is for sure at least we know Elon has great taste in games.
Elon Musk Diablo 4
Elon Musk Diablo 4
Elon Musk Diablo 4

A Possible Game-Changer for the Gaming Community?

Having 900,000 people all watching Something at the same time is pretty impressive, most websites can’t handle that so this is a pretty big deal.
With several important benefits over existing platforms such as Twitch, “X” is ready to revolutionise the streaming platform environment. These benefits extend not only to the experience of content providers, but also to the audience.
The benefits of X over other streaming platforms stem from its relationship with Elon Musk, innovative technological integration, broad content offers, unique revenue opportunities, and the opportunity to build a strong community of tech and gaming enthusiasts. As X evolves, it has the potential to disrupt the streaming market by providing a new and interesting platform for content providers as well as users.

The Future of Elon Musk in Gaming

While this Diablo 4 stream was a game-changing event, it’s important to examine Elon Musk’s future in the gaming business. Musk’s move into gaming could be just the beginning of his proclivity for pushing boundaries and reshaping industries.

Musk’s impact in the gaming sector is likely to grow, whether through more streams, collaborations with gaming studios, or new gaming tech development. As this tech innovator pursues his newfound interest, the gaming community should expect even more exciting and game-changing moments.

A huge step forward for X, Gamers and Streamers alike.

Elon Musk’s Diablo 4 stream on the social media platform X was a historic event that captured the gaming community’s attention and made an indelible impression on the industry. Musk’s inventive approach, along with his real passion for gaming, bodes well for cross-industry collaborations and tech-driven gaming experiences in the future. As the game industry evolves, we can only speculate on what stocks Elon Musk has in store for us next. Stay tuned for more fascinating updates and game-changing breakthroughs from the gaming industry.

Let us know in the comments down below if you watched the stream and what you thought of it. 

Lastly to quote Elon “Respect out there to Gamers, I don’t know I think it’s awesome ” 

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