Could Wild Rift be the new mobile game you’re looking for in 2022?

With Wild Rift, Riot Games wanted to uncover their beloved PC game to a significantly bigger crowd on mobile and well they are doing it.
Wild Rift League Of Legends

Wild Rift Overview

Wild Rift League Of Legends

Riot Games is a franchise that is ever growing and has done many amazing things in the gaming industry. With their recent animated series ARCANE, Riot managed to attract many new fans to the League of legends franchise and now with Wild RIFT they have done it once again.

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: WILD RIFT is a mobile experience version of the globally popular eSports PC game, League of Legends. The gameplay remains the same, two teams of five heroes battle it out to destroy the opposing team’s nexus which is situated in the center of each team’s base. Wild rift also has the three-lane system as it is in most MOBA’s, consisting of your baron lane, mid lane, dragon lane and let’s not forget the Jungle which isn’t a lane but covers much of the map.

The economy system remains the same as it is in League of Legends, with creeps spawning each of which give a certain value of gold once defeated and that gold can be exchanged at your base to purchase items to enhance your hero to be more effective throughout the match.

The map has been scaled down to compensate for mobile, this makes the game slightly faster pace than the PC version. Due to the nature, it is faster to move around the map, respond to enemies pushing a lane, objective or ganks for the opposing team

This means matches at its average run time can be between 15 to maximum 30 minutes and that’s even really pushing it to the max. The slight issue with this fast-paced gameplay means that it is very difficult at times to pull together a comeback when your team is very far behind, BUT it’s not impossible.

Making sure that it’s easy to learn is important, because Wild Rift is still incredibly difficult to master and WILD RIFT does just that its tutorials are very informative and go in depth on the very basics of the game. Allowing everyone who has competed the tutorials to go from knowing nothing to having a very clear understanding on the game and its mechanics.

Thereafter it is up to the players to theory craft, research and play many matches to know the ins and outs of the game, characters, roles and all the in-depth details like counter picking etc…

If you are a League of Legends or general MOBA lover, then keep reading as we explain the finer details of WILD RIFT and why we think at Ghettosmurf Gaming that it is, the number one MOBA for mobile.


Wild Rift League Of Legends
Wild Rift League Of Legends


Wild Rift swaps in a touch-based control scheme from the conventional mouse and keyboard. It is the incredibly responsive, everything is laid out in a clean, easy to use format that will get even the newest player up and contributing to their team’s success within seconds.

The result is perfectly playable. The game offers a lot of hotkeys shortcuts for locking onto targets, automatically moving, or attacking, and pinging allies.

voice chat in game sounds crisp and smooth, but I had to prefer to use headphones to talk to my teammate.

An awesome feature I love is the last hitting indicator in wild rift. The minion’s health bar turns white meaning that you are properly able to last hit it and gain all that much needed gold for your champion.

The game is full of colour and high-quality appeal for a mobile game, spells look beautiful, campions, minion and the map overall are just stunning.

Game Modes

Unranked: Give you the full ranked feeling but without losing mmr, you draft a team and set out to be victorious by destroying the enemies nexus.

Ranked: This is where you try climb the ladder to Challenger Tier, ban heroes, draft an amazing team, and defeat your enemies to gain that mmr everyone always talks and brags about.

ARAM: All Random All Mid, select heroes and then everyone battles it out in a single lane, these games can get super chaotic but loads of fun.

CO-OP VS AI “Bots”: select you hero, and then just have fun learning and trying out new things.

Custom Lobby: create a lobby with your own custom settings and invite your friends to join and play in your custom lobby, you can create and mould the game to your personal preferences.

Wild Rift League Of Legends
Wild Rift League Of Legends


Wild Rift League Of Legends
Wild Rift League Of Legends

Wild Rift currently has 83 heroes as it stands and with many more to come.

With all these heroes, each fills a set role and need in a team. From your supports, Solo bruiser laners, Mid laners, Junglers and you Carry or commonly know as the ADC (attack damage carry).

All heroes have their place in the game and are well balanced. As new heroes enter the Wild Rift the meta of team composition too shall change.

Heroes resemble what they are in League of Legends and the artwork on them is amazing.

With the hero pool slowly growing in wild rift it gives way for people to play all the heroes in the game apposed to throwing all 150 odd heroes at once and then many heroes become untouched by most players.

If you’re familiar with any competitive online multiplayer game, there’s always a specific meta that dominates certain matches. Games can be won or lost in the draft selection and how your team composition forms.

That’s not to say you can’t win if you have a weaker composition, since there’s always a chance for outplaying the enemy.

That’s why we really recommend trying out as many heroes as you can, get comfortable with a lot of them and master a few. All heroes are different and unique in their own ways and take a lot of time practicing to fully mastering them.

Collectables / Store

As a free-to-play game, Wild Rift lets you use accrued in-game currency or straight-up real money to purchase various cosmetics and emotes.

There’s no way to pay to win, and spending real money only has benefits such as better looking outfits, emotes, poses and unlocking champions faster.

That separates Wild Rift from many rival free-to-play mobile games, which often lure players to spend money for “power-ups better gear” that just ruin the fun of the game for most players.

Players can avoid spending real money completely if they’d like. There are no ads and no constant reminders to spend money on the game.

Wild Rift League Of Legends


Wild Rift League Of Legends
Wild Rift League Of Legends

Any MOBA from Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, League of legends and many other can cause gamers to become overly competitive and toxic. Due to the nature of the game players can land up in a rage induced state and become toxic.

However Wild Rift helps clean up and reduce the annoying reoccurrences of online harassment and toxicity that the League of Legends community is so very well known for.

Yet you will always find those types of players no matter what game you are playing, but due to the fast pace of the game and requiring you to constantly be “hands on” while playing, it reduces the time you have to type in game.

You do get the occasional spam ping player, but generally you can ignore it and I have not yet seen someone complain about it.

With reduced online harassment, “Wild Rift” is a much more beginner-friendly game.

In the games where I was trying out roles and champions I don’t usually play, like jungle Evelynn I died multiple times and was a absolute burden to my team however nobody said anything but applauded the one or two good plays I actually made with an emoji.

On PC, it’s common to see a player who has died many times get insulted by multiple teammates for being “useless” or intentionally feeding and losing. Whereas I wasn’t ridiculed in Wild Rift. What I have noticed is people just carry on with the game regardless.

Not to say its all sunshine and roses and you do get times on player will constantly spam the surrender button, even if its mid game and there is still a chance of making a great comeback. These players can be found, and it is very frustrating especially for someone like myself that never gives up. 

Regardless of if my team is miles behind, I always try to believe that there is always a chance and then when you team just gives up surrendering the match it can be very disheartening and annoying.


The strategies, high speed play, and intricacy of the exemplary PC game has phenomenally been refined into an astounding encounter that is entertaining and beyond difficult to put down. Yes this is a warning, this game can be highly addictive especially for very competitive gamers

With Wild Rift, Riot Games wanted to uncover their beloved PC game to a significantly bigger crowd on mobile and well they are doing it.

I really recommend this game to any MOBA lovers or if you are just looking for a really entertaining and fast paced, action packed mobile game.

Ace the Rift and procure your legend with dynamic champions and steadily evolving strats. Each game is an opportunity to land the ideal expertise shot, change the tides in an insane team fight, or pull off that sweet, sweet pentakill. Goodluck

Wild Rift League Of Legends

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