I recommend people who enjoy survival games to buy and play ARK Survival Evolved. they will enjoy a game, along with a crazy amount of dinosaurs and be wowed at the insane amount of content packed into it.

The main objective is as simple as they come: SURVIVE



ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED Developed by Studio Wildcard (2017) , ARK Survival Evolved is an action based survival game, where players are standard on an island with the bare minimum ( A map and you under ware).Players must survive and attempt to thrive on the ARK not only having to deal Dinosaurs , which mean want to turn you into their next meal, but too battle natural hazards and the most difficult of them all potentially hostile human players.

You don’t even have to spend hundreds of hours in Ark to know what it’s all about ,or at least get the very basics down to a tee. However there is so much more to ARK that meets the eye.

  • A rich background story.
  • An in-depth Breeding system.
  • Extremely Competitive PVP.
  • PVP Metas.
  • Achievements.
  • A building system that goes beyond just building a block house.
  • A vast variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on Land , Ocean and in the Skies.
  • Breath Taking in game views and so much more.

The game itself takes place millions of years into the future after an event dating back from the 22nd century leaving Earth inhospitable. Sci-fi  and survival fans ought to appreciate the setting.

Game Modes:


Most survival games play the same except but their focus on certain aspects of gameplay make them distinct. In this case of ARK Survival Evolved Ark has a different atmosphere since it’s more welcoming and warm to those who prefer the civilization-building aspect of survival games.

Building bases and gathering resources take more time and have more variation compared to many other survival games. Dinosaur and prehistoric animal taming is also a must and if you ever wanted to pet ,ride and name a T-Rexes “Fluffy”, then Ark will fulfill that childhood dream you never knew you or possibly always had.

PVE Downside is that on many servers you have players that will build massive structures or spam random things everywhere causing lag firstly , but too not allowing you to build anywhere.


Follows the same principles but you will not interact with other players at all, you play alone and try to follow the storyline that ARK has set out for you.
Most ARK players use single player to learn the basics before jumping into live PVE , PVP or PVPVE Servers.

On top of Ark having a more amicable community and an emphasis on PVE, . Since Ark has its own lore and story-related tasks, moreover the expansions or DLCs add more to the content. Needless to say, there’s plenty to do in Ark . The grind is enough to keep you occupied on your own.


But this is a brutal world.
There’ll come a point where you’ll either give up or break through the pain of constant death and disappointment, this is not talking about getting blinded sided by a raptor on the beach and trying to recover your body. I’m talking about the cruel world of PVP players on ARK that are as ruthless as that on T-Rex that ate you and the dinosaur you were taming.

In your first couple of hours into the game as a new player you are what is commonly know as a BEACH BOB and you’ll more than likely to be beaten to death for no particular reason by gangs of strangers just because they can, or because they think you might have something they want like that new fancy wooden club and bow you just crafted.

ARK players are very protective of their items , gear ,dinos and land they’re prepared to kill to protect it. On the other hand some PVP players just hunt you down for sport and enjoy making you build up and then smash everything you own to the ground over and over again. Some PVP only servers can be a griefers paradise.
Either way griefers or not ARK PVP servers are brutal and there is always some trigger happy unrelenting PVP loving players ready eat you up and spit you out. 

You have to be super brave to endure PVP servers as well as be ready to commit a lot and i mean A LOT of time as around every corner is a clan that is scoping your base out planning on how to level your foundations and wipe you off the face of the ARK.


Now these are my personal favourite , after spending hundreds of hours on official PVP servers sometimes you just need that break and down time from constant war.

PVPVE SERVERS like GSG ARK SERVERS give you the best of both worlds. The downtime to tame , garden, build a snazzy little cottage and breaded useless dinosaurs just cause they look cute. Then on the other hand you still get the thrill of war and placing C4 on a base and watching it disappear under the dust cloud or getting that perfect headshot of some player trying to get loot in a supply drop.

PVPVE server have timers in essence or when it is PVE and PVP time. For example on the GSG ARK SERVERS it is PVE during the day and at night time it all out warfare in PVP mode.
These kind of servers have grown on me and I feel are personally the best kinds of servers as it allows you to really enjoy ARK to the fullest.

Great Graphics And Breath Taking Views

GhettoSmurf Gaming

As such, you can expect its graphics to be as phenomenal as it is demanding.
ARKS environments are so beautiful , crisp and extremely interactive there are time many plays will just look at certain ark environments and say ” man I wanna live here”.
The Creatures textures are definitely a tier or seven above most survival games have to offer. The lighting in ARK can be absolute and picturesque in certain situations and angles where you honestly feel as if you should print that picture , frame it and mount it on your wall.

GhettoSmurf Gaming


The creatures in ARK will make your life easier in every way, that is, once you’ve tamed them.

Hundreds of dinos roam the servers all the time, some are friendly and some just want to devour you in one sitting. Once you have tamed a dino it becomes like your personal slave doing your every bidding. However i like to believe they’re  just your pets well some are really overly sized pets. It is not uncommon that ARK players actually become attached to some of the dinos they tame.

Almost everything about the dinosaurs is amazing, except for the ultra-long taming times on official servers. Tames can take many hours if you don’t use the right foods.

There are Dinosaurs ranging in all shapes and sizes from extra small dinosaurs to the overly huge dinosaurs like the GIGA. Oh wait there are bigger you even have TITANS!! That’s right TITANS like the Titannosaurus.

Breeding falls part and parcel to your success in ARK and it can get very in depth with mutations , resting stats , imprinting and so much more.
However one of the best things about breeding besides making the monster of a dino late game is the baby dinos. Some of them are just way to adorable that one at time wishes dinosaurs still exist so you could own one of those adorable little dinos that might one day turn on you and eat you whole. 


ghettosmurf gaming

The game never shoves any story down the player’s throat, but it’s there should you be interested. I think it’s pretty interesting from the small amount I’ve read about the lore, and I’m excited to learn more about the game.

This aspect of the game that a lot of players haven’t learned much about is the lore behind the insane world of ARK.

Every map has its own lore, which can be read about via explorer notes  around the world. Besides the explorer notes, there’s a lot of story in the Genesis and Genesis 2 expansion, and the other maps have their fair share as well.

People who enjoy learning backstory about games will love this part of ARK.

ghettosmurf gaming



The game has many events that come through out the year such as the Summer bash, Fear The ARK (Halloween event) , Valentines day event and so much more. With these events come so many new and unique  things to the game such as : 

  • New Clothing Skins 
  • Chibis 
  • Emotes 
  • Dino Skins 
  • Event bosses 
  • Themed Loot and crazy themed Dino colours  and so much more. 

These events happen once a year and sometimes the loot in those events are once off so if you missed out you might not have the chance to get it again.


 Some dedicated Servers or unofficial servers run server events which keep the player base happy and just brings the community together . Its a nice addition that the ARK community has added to the game allowing for all types of players whether its the PVP fanatic or the average beach bob snail breeder to get together and participate in fun events . 

these events can run in unison with the official event or just unique server events made by the server admins.

On the GSG ARK SERVERS there are monthly events as well as pop up events too where all players register to take part in and get rewards upon completing the events. Events can range from mini games, breeding events, PVP events or just boss fight events to help the unexperienced players on the server just get a bit further and make friends in the process. 


I recommend buying ARK on sale, and I think you should prepare to be wowed at the insane amount of content packed into it.

ARK: Survival Evolved is totally worth it for both single-player and multiplayer experiences. People who enjoy survival games will enjoy a game, along with a crazy amount of dinosaurs.

Expect the unexpected but there are plenty of times when weird things happen, like watching a Pterodactyl carrying a Brontosaurus or seeing a Brontosaurus walking a tight rope after spawning in a strange location. Fish just  start floating into thin air, but you just kind of get used to it. 

There’s tons of ground to cover, and plenty of beautiful things to see in ARK

If you’re brave  and don’t mind the occasional raging moment  the PVP servers are brutal but can be fun and teach you to move and build fast. If you’re into chilling but still need the thrill of PVP then try PVPVE servers like GSG ARK SERVERS 

PRO TIP : when starting out Just stay away from the Therizinosaurus , OK. Those dudes are dangerous!! they look cute and harmless but don’t i REPEAT DONT GO NEAR THEM!!

Learn More About GSG ARK SERVERS

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  1. Ark is a true masterpiece, your description of the game is spot on. I have 4138 hours on the game and I still love it and play Ark every day.

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