Huge MMOs and MMORPGs in 2024, including numerous AAA Studios MMORPGs announcements in 2024.

The Best Informative List On The Multiple MMORPGs coming in 2024, including numerous AAA Studios MMORPGs announcements for 2024.
mmorpg 2024

Biggest Upcoming MMORPG In 2024

We have lately received numerous significant updates to some of the most interesting MMORPGs on this list, and some of these MMORPGs will be released in less than a year. Ashes of Creation will release its persistent Alpha, Throne of  Liberty and multiple other MMORPGs will release their games in 2024, numerous AAA Studios will likely officially announce MMORPGs we already know they’re working on, and that’s just scratching the surface of what 2024 has to offer, so let’s get this list started.

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The Best MMORPGS Coming In 2024 In No Particular Order Are:

Arche Age 2

mmorpg 2024

 Arche Age 2 arriving on PC and console This is undoubtedly one of the MMORPGs with the greatest potential to produce something unique, but it also has the greatest potential to suffocate the potential uniqueness with excessive monetization
Arche Age 2 is being developed by XL Games, based in South Korea, and is set to be released in 2024.
The recent quarterly earnings report for Caca Games contained some fantastic information. It tells us that a closed beta test will begin in the first half of 2024. 
We also learned that Arche Age 2 will be a radical departure from its predecessors, moving away from large scale PVP between factions and instead focusing on single player content and Guild verse Guild content.

An Interesting thing about Arche Age 2 is that it contains several aspects that we don’t see in other MMORPGs right now, such as Sea warfare, which if done correctly could be a lot of fun, as evidenced by the graphics. This will be another MMO built with Unreal Engine 5.
There are numerous UE5 MMOs in development at the moment, however none of the major ones have yet to be published. Arche Age 2 intends to allow players to construct and customise entire villages.

They’re putting a lot of time and money into telling an immersive and compelling storyline this time around and they’re aiming to have a less linear progression and focus on more personal storytelling than Arch Age one did.

This game is set to be released in 2024. The closed beta is set to begin in the first part of 2024, which is very soon, and further important news about the game will be revealed during Gamescom 2024.

Runeterra League of Legends

mmorpg 2024

Riots League of Legends MMORPG is up next.

It’s exciting to think that any of the MMOs on our list could be the next to capture the genre in the same manner that WOW did in its prime, but Riot’s track record thus far strongly suggests that they are one of the most likely candidates to succeed.

Riot’s MMO will undoubtedly attract large audiences, as League of Legends players have long wished for another incentive to immerse themselves in the League of Legends Universe.

Runeterra will contain raids and dungeons; yet, a major PVE presence does not imply a lack of PVP, since Ghost Crawler affirmed that PVP will be in the game and that they anticipate a future that includes epic PVP battles and potentially even Esports.

For some time now, the MMORPG genre has struggled to build and maintain a PVP environment, so it will be interesting to watch how Riot addresses this piece of the jigsaw.

Greg’s most fascinating January 22 comment was when he questioned about tab aiming and said that combat in the genre was outmoded. Combine it with a job posting for an action combat designer, so it looks like riots MMO is going to feature action combat.

The Holy Trinity has been confirmed for the game, they claimed the dungeon party size would be six, which sounds quite healthy as it allows for a tank, a healer, and four DPS, which would be ideal for keeping the DPS Que short.

We don’t know when Riots MMORPG will be launched, but based on other games in the category, a 4 to 7 year window looks feasible, putting it somewhere between 2025 and 2028.


mmorpg 2024

This upcoming MMORPG is one of the most likely prospects to be a dominant force in the future of the MMO genre. The game is currently called Ghost and is being developed by Fantastic Pixel Castle, a company based in the United States.

According to the developers, this game will not be pay to win. ( A Big W in our opinion)The developers have stated that the game would include the Holy Trinity because they believe it works and does not need to be recreated, and we agree. An MMO never feels like an MMO without the Holy Trinity (Tank, Damage, and Healer).
 Fantastic Pixel Castle intends for Ghost to include significant account-wide growth, making moving between alts enjoyable. They are considering having more talents on your bar than League of Legends and less than WOW.

Fantastic Pixel Castle’s art style will not be as cartoony as WOW, and they are aiming for a more mature look that is not too realistic to stand the test of time as the game ages.

They stated that they want to have a hybrid Tab Target action combat system, and the next fascinating tidbit is that the game will have 20 to 50 classes. Yes, you read that correctly: 20 to 50.

They intend to have a Shard system with blue and red shards. The blue shards will take you to a more private zone or instance for you and your friends and will play more like a survival game with a bit of procedural generation sprinkled in to ensure you never see the same blue Shard twice. The red shards will be more of your standard MMORPG Zone with a more traditional MMO feel,  these would be handcrafted and contain World bosses and raids.

The most significant piece of information is when this game will be launched. Ghost crawler stated that MMORPGs normally take 5 to 10 years to develop, but he hopes for Fantastic Pixel Castle to complete Ghost in 4 to 6 years; however, because it is still early in the development process, all of this is subject to change.


mmorpg 2024

ARK 2 is coming to PC and consoles, ARK 2 it will not be a pay-to-win game. In fact, Wildcard Studios is recognised for hating pay-to-win and microtransactions, which is wonderful.
ARK 2, which was originally set for 2022 but is now scheduled for the end of 2024, so ARK 2 is another game that is just around the corner.

Take the release date with a grain of salt though as hitting their deadlines isn’t exactly something they’re known for.

As you may remember Vin Diesel is attached to this game thanks to the fact that he was a massive fan of Ark 1.

Vin Diesel will play Santiago, the protagonist who was flung from an exploding spaceship onto the alien world in ARK 2.

ARK 2 will contain significant modifications from its predecessor, such as Souls-like melee combat where you may Target lock Dodge combo or stagger your opponent.

ARK 2 will reportedly feature a larger emphasis on primitive-only weaponry and will switch from a first person to a strict third person view for character traversal systems such as sliding swinging free climbing mantling parkour and more.

ARK 2 developers say they’re going to fully support the modding scene as they’ve determined that some of the best content ARK 1 had to offer was the content the community created.

We’ve seen very little of the game outside of trailers, so there’s still a lot of unknowns for a game that’s due out in less than a year. We hoping they meet their 2024 release date.


mmorpg 2024

Tarisland is coming to mobile and PC; will it be a pay-to-win game? You can bet on it, this is an intriguing one from Chinese developer Level Infinite.

The game is currently engulfed in controversy since it has decided that it will no longer be free of “pay to win,” even going so far as to remove all advertising material that stated the game will not contain pay-to-win.

Another decision that will not be well welcomed in the west is that the game intends to include a mobile-inspired stamina system in which the number of stuff you may manufacture is time-gated and you must swipe your credit card to perform additional crafting.

It may still perform well on mobile in the West because there aren’t many high-quality current mobile MMORPGs available.

what do you think is this one that you’re looking forward to? Tell us in the comments section below.

Lord of the Rings

mmorpg 2024

Lord of the Rings is coming to PC and potentially consoles. It is unlikely that this one will be pay to win, and while it is still in the early stages of production, Amazon Game Studios situated in the United States will be developing it.

Amazon has stated that they intend to stay true to the source material and that it will be created by the same Dev team that created New World, which makes me question about New World’s future development schedule, but that’s a matter for another post.

It sounds like they intend to make the world massive and seamless, similar to new world or WOW, which is great news for us because I’m tired of load screen simulators that call themselves open world. They will, of course, use the same engine as new world, but they intend to significantly evolve the engine so that it does not feel like new world with a Lord of the Rings paint job.

This makes me enthusiastic about Lord of the Rings. If they have a clear vision for the plot, questing, Dungeons, and raids from the start and spend the whole production cycle working towards that aim, I believe this game will be a home run.

It’s going to be really difficult to fail with a large open-world MMORPG in a seamless environment without load screens and plenty of Lord of the Rings history.

Unfortunately, this is still in the early stages of development, however because it is a seasoned team and they are reusing the Asoth engine, the development duration should be greatly reduced.


mmorpg 2024

Quinnfall coming to PC, pay to win?  well, we don’t know there’s not a lot known about this developer yet cuz it’s brand new.

Quinfall is being developed by a Turkish Studio founded in 2021 and for a game that is so young it looks to be impressively far along in its development.

In QuinFall, you will visit Dungeons and explore the planet to discover its Mysteries. It appears that you will have to solve riddles and search for secret passageways. The game will have 11 different professions that you may level up, as well as the ability to plant seeds and farm the land. The professions will interact with one another.

Cooking will create meals that will grant you exceptional abilities in numerous fields such as fishing, taming animals, and extracting resources from trees, plants, and ores all across the planet.

You can level up your hunting by hunting animals. You can enhance your mounts by locating better ones or breeding mounts together. You can build and decorate homes. You can build a ship and sail out to sea.You will be able to encounter and battle sea monsters and other players while at sea. Seasons, such as floods and droughts, will have an impact on gameplay.

It appears that you will be able to pick whether to play in a PVE or PVP server. We have learned that they plan to start a closed beta on January 30th, 2024.

lets hope they can deliver on everything they have promised.

Horizon Online

mmorpg 2024

Horizon Online from NC Soft and Sony, which is coming to PC and PlayStation, will it be a pay-to-win game? We don’t know because it has NC Soft, which is normally Pay to Win these days, and Sony, so we’re not sure how monetization will work when those two create a game together.

Development has begun, so it appears that this is actually happening. Given how significant this series is to Sony, you’d think that Sony would keep the monetization of the MMORPG, shall we say, above board, more so than NC soft products have come to be known for in recent years.

This implies we may see a title with NC soft quality, Sony lore, and Sony monetization, which is a combo of things we could support. The Horizon franchise has been hailed as one of the best, and its universe lends itself perfectly to an MMO scenario.

Given that this MMO was only announced a year ago, we’ll presume it’s at least a solid 5 or 6 years away from release. This, on the other hand, is a real treat.

Do you believe the Horizon universe would work well as an MMO RPG? let us know in the comments section below.

Project LLL

mmorpg 2024

The trailer of NC Soft’s Project LLL so far looks a lot like Destiny meets Titanfall meets some form of Alien Invasion.

We now have some more gameplay footage of this stunning Unreal Engine 5 game. This game will feature PVE and PVP encounters as well as Dynamic events all over the world. It was also announced that the game will have a vast open world with more than 30 square kilometers of land seamlessly connected to a single environment.

Developers have described this game as having a much more open-world vibe than its biggest competitor, Destiny, which has a much more lobby-based feel.

We witnessed a lot of sci-fi and horror aspects in the gameplay, as well as horrific foes and a giant boss that appeared to be formed of a thousand limbs.

So it appears that this is mostly a shooter. Given that it is an MMORPG, I’m curious how many classes it will have. Will it feature abilities? Will it be solely gear-based? Will we have passives? There’s a lot to learn.

It looks like it’s very much in a playable state which means we’ll likely see this one release a lot sooner than most of the MMOs on this list.


mmorpg 2024

Soulframe from Digital Extremes is coming to PC and console. Will this game be pay to win? we are not sure yet, but my best bet is that they’ll monetize it heavily as they do Warframe, the game’s sister game.

We didn’t know much about this game until Tenon showed us approximately 17 minutes of actual gameplay this year, and it looked incredible.

The battle appeared to be interesting and well-paced, and the visuals were amazing, but the music truly stuck out as something exceptional.

It appears to be an MMORPG in the same way that Warframe is, perhaps more cooperative than massively multiplayer, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The aim is for it to be a fantasy magic heavy MMORPG that is much more of your standard melee and Magic sort of universe than Warframe sci-fi gun heavy Universe. The fight that they showed us had classic Dark Souls vibes to it that was kind of eerie mysterious and beautiful all at the same time.

The world and the dungeons that we’ve seen so far look stunning and we really can’t wait to see more.

Digital Extremes was never afraid to try things we’d never seen in any other game before. Of all the games on this list, this is easily one of the most likely to succeed and thrive because of the team working on it, their familiarity with the engine, and the quality of what we’ve seen so far.

Dune Awakening

mmorpg 2024

Funcom’s Dune Awakening MMORPG This one is for PC and consoles, so you’ll be able to play it on Playstation, Xbox, and PC, and it’s developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Will this be a pay-to-win game? I don’t think so. Funcom revealed in 2019 that they were working on a dune MMORPG, but we only got further information about it this year.

The game’s director defines it as a survival open world massively multiplayer game in which players are welcome to explore the world of Dune and become involved in politics, intrigue, and finding a means to survive together on the universe’s most deadly planet.

Dune Awakening begins with you as a castaway in the deep desert with just a knife forged from scrap metal that you must use to sneak up on opposing camps and eliminate foes in order to further arm yourself.

By the endgame, you’ll be a member of a large Guild with a fleet of vehicles such as ornithopters, sand bikes, and tanks that you use to head out to collect Spice in the desert, where you’ll undoubtedly clash with enemy guilds, and where there’s noise in the desert, there are sandworms.

Throne and Liberty

mmorpg 2024

Throne in Liberty is a AAA MMORPG that will be published on PS5 and PC in the East in 2023 and in the West in 2024.

NC Soft recently collaborated with Amazon Game Studios to have the game published in the West. Throne and Liberty has had one of the most chaotic development cycles one can imagine.

As of today, Liberty will be a PC and console MMORPG, and auto-play and offline play have been gone. All of these changes are the result of a poorly received beta, and I mean poorly.

The game’s reception was so negative that the developer’s stock price suffered as well.

To NC Soft’s credit, they listened to the community and made significant adjustments to the game’s basics as a result of player feedback.

Now, the game appears to be very excellent, and they’ve stated that they’re going with a non-pay to win monetization approach, and they’re thinking about doing something like a battle pass if Liberty ends up being a solid MMORPG that isn’t pay to win. This appears to be popular among players.

The game will have non-instance dungeons that you can explore with other players in groups.

Throne and Liberty intend to play differently between day and night, as well as when it’s rainy or sunny, and even skills and abilities will perform differently based on the weather. Liber also appears to include Siege battles, which appear to be an important part of the game.

NC Soft has the ability to create fantastic MMOs, but they also succumbing to that sweet sweet temptress known as over monetization, which has earned NC Soft a negative reputation in the west over the years, so let’s hope they can alter that reputation with the addition of Throne and Liberty.

Ashes Of Creation

mmorpg 2024

Ashes of Creation is set to release in 2060, we kidding we don’t know because they still haven’t provided any kind of timeline for the game’s full release.

This game is being developed by Intrepid, a young studio based in the United States. This MMORPG received some exciting news this year when they announced that Alpha 2 would go live in 2024. Until now, we didn’t have a firm date for that. We don’t know exactly when it will go live in 2024, only that it will be in 2024.

This is essential since Alpha 2 will be persistent, so servers should be kept up all the time, and as far as I can tell, it will not be under NDA, so participants will be able to discuss their experiences with the general public during Alpha 2.

Ashes of Creation is undoubtedly one of the most interesting MMORPGs on the horizon. It is a gigantic MMO with a gorgeous seamless environment that is planned to premiere on PC only, with no present plans for console or mobile.

As of right now, there is no official release date, but we know a lot more about this game than almost any other game on this list because the developers have been so transparent throughout the development process, and unlike many of the games on this list, ashes of creation already had a very public and very successful alpha 1 back in July of 2021.

Ashes of Creation identifies loot boxes, XP potions, and inventory problems as pay to win. As most people  usually say when they talk about Ashes of Creation, it’s a tremendous breath of fresh air. It appears that the monetization of Ashes of Creation will be completely transparent.

When you combine this with a beautiful world, classic MMORPG design, and ambitious scale, it’s easy to see why Ashes of Creation is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs today.

mmorpg 2024

The Verdict: MMORPG Fans Are in For A Treat.

I mean I think your coffee has gone cold reading this, but 2024 promises to be a HUGE year for MMORPG. Massive titles are being announced and or coming. We can’t wait to cover every one of them in detail.

What do you think which MMO are you most excited for which one do you think has the best chance of doing something great let me know in the comments below and of course don’t forget to like And subscribe to our NEWSLETTER if you enjoyed the article and want to be kept up to date on the development of these MMORPGs.

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