Palworld: Does It Live Up To The Hype Or Not? Currently Ranked #1 On Both The Top Selling And Most Played Lists.

Palworld Does It Live Up To The Hype Or Not? Currently Ranked #1 On Both The Top Selling And Most Played Lists. Is It Good or Not?
Palword Early Access Game

Does Palworld Live Up To The Hype Or Not?

Palworld, which was released on January 19th, has been wildly popular. It has been breaking records for Steam Play account creation, and as of writing this article, it is currently ranked #1 on both the top-selling and most-played lists, which is pretty amazing. However, is this all just new game hype, or is Palworld a solid action-adventure/ survival game? Let’s find out as we go into depth on the matter.

Palworld: A Captivating World of Possibilities in Early Access

Palworld, is the latest sensation in the gaming world that has enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation. This early access game on Steam has already made waves, think Pokémon meets ARK Survival with Satisfactory all intertwined in one game. 

What Are Pals And What Do They Do in Palword?

What Are Pals And What Do They Do in Palworld?

Pals are creatures that will fight with you or labour at your base if you manage to capture them; otherwise, they will just roam the wild and live their lives.

Every Pal has a unique set of skills, such as lumbering, cutting wood, mining, crafting, kindling, and many more, all of which are necessary to operate the various contraptions you will make while you’re away from the base.

They will stroll around stuffing chests, farming, eating, relaxing, crafting, cutting wood, mining stone, using mills to turn stone into the hallowed palum resource, and much more. This is automation in its cutest form.

Palworld excels because different kinds of Pals are associated with various jobs; to find them, you must search for them, which increases the potential of both your base and your pal deck. Catching Pals is a reward within a reward since, in addition to the gratifying feeling that it brings, it allows you to grow your base with your newly caught companion.

Is Palworld A Base Builder Game

Is Palword A Base Builder Game

Palworld’s primary focus is on catching pals. You might be disappointed if you’re hoping for an open world with lots of quests like Breath of the Wild, but keep in mind that Palworld is still in Early Access, so it’s possible that quests will be added later on in development.

The secondary aspect of Palworld is base building. After capturing pals and growing your pal deck, your base serves as your home, where you can craft pal spheres to catch pals, farm, craft armour and weaponry, incubate eggs, sleep, tend to your pals, and breed them.

Along with the risks and wild pals who will want to ruin everything you’ve fought so hard to accomplish.

Your level is linked to the amount of things you can craft and the respective strength your base has. So it will take you well into level 20 to even unlock Stone Foundations.

Before you can level up your base and assign new pals to work on it, there are a few requirements that must be met. Ensuring you have the kind of required infrastructure to contain the eventual processing lines you’ll have.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys factorio, or Satisfactory,  you’ll get a great sense of pleasure when you look at your pals works while your base functions flawlessly while you’re away and you have a wealth of resources at your disposal upon your

Is Palworld like Pokémon?

Is Palword Like Pokemon

They have distinct designs, attacks, and unique behaviors. They remind me of the classic Pokémon. They also wander particular places. As a result, some will want to remove you as soon as they spot you, while others will run away from you and watch from a distance.

Pals in your party can give you advantages like a greater carrying capacity, life steal, or a pal who will attack alongside you. Since each pal has a unique passive ability, it’s fun to rotate them in and out of your group based on what you are about to embark on.

Is Palworld Story Driven?

Is Palword Story Driven?

In terms of story, Palworld does have a tale but with so few NPCs and settlements it is something you’ll have to hunt down in the logs left by previous Explorers. 

It reminds me of Hunting Down Explorer Notes in ARK Survival.

The logs are always worth reading rather than skimming over, as I know some people prefer to do because they provide you with clues about the kinds of things you may do with pals and the secrets the world holds.

Palworld In Early Access

Palworld is great, even though it’s not perfect. I had some problems pathfinding of Pals around my base , the human enemies are monotonous and don’t contribute much to the game; the dungeons are lackluster, and I wasn’t expecting there to be so few quests.

Each area has bosses with its own Arena, defeating them only gets you somewhat impressive resources, but their designs are still cool enough to make it worthwhile to pursue them out.

But once you’re in Palworld, all of those things kind of fade into the background.

Since Palworld is still in Early Access at the time of this review, those details could very well be changed or updated in patches and updates down the road. If that happens, stay tuned for our updated reviews of Palworld.

The game is a great base Builder, base defense and collection game. So as long as you’re not expecting more than that you’re bound to have a fun time with it

Will Palworld Have Crossplay?

Will Palword Have Crossplay?

As the gaming community becomes increasingly interconnected, the question of crossplay is a pertinent one. Palworld, in its early access phase, is currently exclusive to PC on Steam. However, the developers have expressed their awareness of the demand for crossplay functionality and have it on their radar for future updates.

The prospect of crossplay holds exciting possibilities for Palworld, potentially allowing players on different platforms to share the experience in this enchanting world.


Is Palworld worth your time?

The question remains: Is it worth your time? The answer, undoubtedly, is a resounding yes. The games unique blend of creature collecting, simulation, and strategy creates a gaming experience that is both captivating and refreshingly original.

However, as with any early access title, Palworld is a work in progress. While the foundation is strong, there are areas that could benefit from refinement.

The developers are actively listening to player feedback, making adjustments, and adding new features with each update. It’s a journey worth embarking on, especially for gamers who relish the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of a game.

In conclusion, the game has the potential to be a standout title in the gaming landscape. Its charm, coupled with the developers’ commitment to improvement, positions it as a game to watch as it continues to evolve through early access.

So, fellow gamers, ready your Steam accounts and brace yourselves for an adventure in Palworld – a world where creativity knows no bounds, and the unexpected awaits at every turn.


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