The Long Dark Review, Can you survive the the frozen wilderness in 2022?

The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness.

The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster.  Welcome to the Quiet Apocalypse.


I would like to talk about The Long Dark. A first person survival game created by a company named Hinterland Studios with a unique graphic style that works for this game.

It was first released on Steam early access in September 2014 and officially released on August first 2017 for PC, Xbox one and PS4.

In my opinion it has some really good realistic survival skills that you would need to survive in a climate such as this. It’s set in the frigid Canadian wilderness which i personally enjoyed considering that the Canadian wilderness is supposed to be one of the most difficult to survive.

Not going to lie, it was tough at times. That being said, there is a story mode called Wintermute which has five episodes thus far. However I’m not going to go give spoilers about it because you should really enjoy the story yourself.

So grab a jacket and some warm socks as you experience the storylines highs, lows and random jump scares.


There is a sandbox mode where you get to enjoy the same survival aspects as you would in Wintermute.

In my opinion as far as survival games go this is focused on giving you the most realistic experience possible.

You have to keep an eye on your hunger, hydration, body temperature as well as your wind resistance, water resistance and protection because you will find yourself stuck in a blizzard at some point in your playthrough.

Which is no joke especially when your clothing freezes due to wetness and you have to find wood to build a fire which also dies out if the wind direction shifts and kills it.

 I don’t want to talk about it okay. It was a rough night man. I’m still scarred from that experience.


There are skills you can work on up to a maximum of level five which does take some time to master.

The skills also give bonuses to certain things in that skill tree. For instance leveling up your carcass harvesting you would get a bonus percentage towards gaining more meat and leather from the carcass after hunting and gutting it.

There is also a crafting system which is awesome and necessary for your survival which needs a crafting bench.

You can craft things like bearskin bedrolls, moose leather backpack leather clothing from cured hide.

Another thing I thought was cool is the fact that in order to cure hide and guts you have to drop it from your inventory to dry out and become cured.

That’s the type of  realism level in this game. All in all I really enjoyed playing this and honestly I still do from time to time.


How many hours is The Long Dark?

When focusing on the main objectives, The Long Dark is roughly  about 21Hoursin length.

If you’re a gamer that strives for 100% completion. To see all aspects of the game , you are likely to spend around 182 Hours to obtain this goal.

Can kids play The Long Dark?

moderately violent

This is a great game and in many aspects are and can be educational with regards to survival out in the frozen wastelands.

However I would say be warned in the story mode it is a bit dark for kids, or squeamish People.

Does The Long Dark have zombies?

The Long Dark is an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster.

But there are no zombies — only you, the cold, wild animals and all that Mother Nature feels like throwing at you. 


Where is the best place to start The Long Dark?

  • Mountain Town has plenty of buildings to loot, but more predators than some of the other regions. …
  • Mystery Lake has a moderate number of structures and low predator density, along with lots of hunting opportunities, and is a good choice for new players.

What is the best shelter in The Long Dark?

  • The Ravine caves are a great place to call home. It’s the only region to have no predators. Ample rabbits and deer are nearby.


Other Survival Games

If you really enjoy some hardcore realistic survival aspects in a game, I would definitely recommend you get The Long Dark.

The Long Dark is a game you shouldn’t miss and is the best survival game I have experienced to date, but that’s just my opinion.

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  1. Enjoyable and informative read !!!! The writer made use of humour and personal experience from playing the game which made it feel as if you actually were playing the game when he described elements of the game . It’s a refreshing take on survival games and makes you want to pick one up even if you are not a fan of the genre.

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